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How to verify email addresses in SES?

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I just found one article on email marketing

I am using Gmail Apps as my domain name and SES as a notification system.

How I will verify email like email @ ? If I willing to send a marketing email to the end user?

Please help me to understand since SES need email verified if willing to use it.


  • BenBen
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    Whichever email address you'd like to use as 'From email' to send your campaign, just verify the email address in your Amazon SES console. Domain verification is not compulsory. Although if you verify the domain, you don't have to verify any email addresses belonging to that domain in future when you need to use it as your 'From email' for sending emails via Amazon SES.

    When you're at the 'Define recipients' page Sendy will initiate the verification process automatically.


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