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  • Ben June 2019
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    I would like to know about GDPR since i'm not familiar about it.

    1. is the GDPR need to activated for all of the users or only for certain from EU?
    2. what is the common settings for this GDPR if i have users that non EU do i need to tag all the users as GDPR ?
    3. is the settings of this GDPR must tag to the users then after that can receive the email campaign & autoresponder?

    kindly advise what is the proper way.. thank you very much


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    First, you need to understand what GDPR is. It’s not about “activating” an email marketing software to comply with GDPR. It’s about your sending practice, whether you are sending emails to people who explicitly signed to receive emails from you. If you send them "marketing emails”, they need to sign up to your list and check a box that says that they agree to receive marketing emails from you. There are more to GDPR, you can google for “what is GDPR” to find more information.

    The tools in Sendy only facilitates your compliance to GDPR, your sending practice is key to complying with GDPR.

    What Plugin is needed?

    The only way not to get banned because of sending emails to spam traps is not to send emails to purchased lists or simply people who did not give you prior permissions to send them email. If they didn’t sign up to receive emails from you but you send emails to them, you are spamming. You are also not in compliance with GDPR. There’s no “plugins” for this, it’s your sending practice that matters, who you send emails to. If you only send emails to people who signed up to receive emails from you, then you are safe from anything.

    since i'm using Amazon SES to sending email campaign. i need to ensure what is the niche/campaign that are not allow to send to my lists? can advise on this what the things should/shouldn't do ?

    Please see all my responses above.


    Best regards,

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