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Sending emails via third party SMTP
  • Hey there, I am signed up to use Mailgun instead of Amazon SES but nothing delivers, It says sent but it doesn't deliver to any of the 3 emails I've tried with and even the test mail doesn't deliver. And No, it isn't in my spam folder either. Please help ASAP.

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    1. Please check with your hosting provider if they restrict sending of emails via third party SMTP. Some hosting providers restricts sending emails via third party SMTP.
    2. Please ensure your SMTP credentials are correct
    3. Also make sure that if you set your SMTP port as '465', choose 'SSL'. If you set your SMTP port as '587', choose 'TLS' in your brand settings.


    Best regards,

  • Thank You very much for The response, was faster than I expected. Nos 2 and 3 are checked and accurate, I'll engage on no 1 now and I'll get back to you when it's resolved. Thanks again Ben.

  • Yooo! It worked! thank you so much. I owe you Ben!

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