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Question about list segmentation

edited July 2019 in Questions

I want to ask people a question and based on their answer I want to start them on a new drip campaign.

For example, I ask recipients if they joined my list because they want to make apple juicy or orange juicy, depending on what answer they click in the newsletter, I want to add their mail to a segment where they get started on the appropriate drip campaign for that type of juicy production.

Is this possible? I am not sure if it's custom fields or segments or how to set this up in a campaign. Ideally I want the flow to be like this:

  1. User joins list and get a welcome mail.
  2. General drip campaign starts asking if they want to produce apple or orange juice.
  3. Depending on the answer, another drip campaign starts for the subscriber.


  • Hi,

    Create one list for ‘Apple Juice’ and another for ‘Orange Juice’. Then setup an Autoresponder Drip Campaign for each list.

    Then you’d need to create a landing page for both 'Apple Juice' and 'Orange Juice’ link clicks. Each landing page will call the ’subscribe’ API to subscribe the user to the appropriate list (the 2 lists you’ve created above with the Drip Campaign setup).

    They will then receive your Drip Campaign emails depending on which list they were subscribed to.

    Best regards,

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