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  • Ben August 2019
Personalized newsletter content via API call
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    Is there a way to individualize content from a newsletter?

    eg. Sendy queries an API w/ the email of the recipient, and includes the HTML/Text of the response in a dynamic field.


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    Posts: 3,606Sendy support


    If you want to include individualised content in your newsletter, use custom field tags.

    Create custom fields for the list, then you'll store unique values in the custom field for each individual subscribers.

    Then when you're ready to send a campaign, use the custom field tags in your email HTML, the tags will be converted into the custom field values from the individual subscribers.

    For example if you create a custom field called Country. Then store 'United States' in the custom field for 'John Doe' subscriber.

    In your email content, include the custom field tag [Country,fallback=] in your email HTML, when John Doe receives his email, the custom field tag will be converted to 'United States' for his email.


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