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  • Ben August 2019
Email is verified but domain is pending verification in Amazon SES console
  • I already had an approved email address to use in Sendy but decided to go for having the domain approved as well. Right now, my Amazon SES page shows the former is verified/approved but the latter is pending. However, Sendy doesn't let me send out any emails using the approved email address. I get the message: "Your 'From email' or its domain is pending verification in your Amazon SES console. Please complete the verification then refresh this page to proceed." This is technically incorrect with respect to using Sendy. How do I fix?

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    If you want to verify your domain, please either complete the verification or delete it. Don't leave it in 'pending' or 'failed' status.

    In the past a lot of users send email campaigns with the domain in 'pending' status even if they have their email verified, but their emails does not get delivered by Amazon SES. They'd then complain about this. So from then on, if either the email or domain is 'pending' or 'failed', you will not be allowed to send.

    So please, complete the verification of your domain if you want to verify the domain. Or don't verify the domain at all if you plan to leave it in 'pending' status which is redundant.


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