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Using AWS Cloudwatch or Firehose for enhanced reporting
  • Vote Up0Vote Down jezjohnjezjohn
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    Hi Everyone

    Has anyone use Cloudwatch or Firehouse for more insight on sending stats via SES?

    I need to be able to add headers such as these - and wondered if I can just edit the custom template we use and add them in or is their a more cunning way!

    X-SES-MESSAGE-TAGS: campaign=book

    Thanks in advance and love the app!


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  • Vote Up0Vote Down PawelUPawelU
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    If you use click tracking that goes through Amazon's domain or your configured custom domain, which is assigned to the configuration set you can do the following, it should work: 1. When creating a new campaign and writign a message disable link tracking, 2. Switch to raw HTML to write a message and add the following attribute to the link you want to track: Your link text

    ** I hope I gave the key - value format correctly - check the docs. Amazon will rewrite your URL from the regular HTML href attribute and collect clicks data. ** Unfortuately, you cannot forward this data to Sendy over SNS topic or read it of the SQS que as of now. ** I wrote to Ben about it a few days ago. The SQS que for clicks and opens would be aneat idea for we could use a cron-scheduled job to get and update those stats as a batch operation. Porting l.php and t.php files should not be taht difficult for any who is familiar with PHP.

    When I read the code for those files, they do more than just record clicks and opens... They also update user status, for example: unmark them as soft bounced when they click the link. Therefore, if you want to use Cloud Watch for tracking I would consider the following: 1. Add Amazon's custom attribute, let Sendy rewrite the URL, 2. Get 2 redirects, but tracking data in Cloud Watch and data Sendy usually records.

    Hope that helps...

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