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  • Ben October 2019
Sending with SMTP
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    I create smtp server on Amazon EC2 and try to use with Sendy but there are some thing that are not working. Sendy tells me that the email are send but there are no emails on my test email address. Even on test. i have dmarc and other standards but i think something are missing.

    Now there is a reverse dns in my mind but maybe you know from other users where cand be the problem.

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    1. Please ensure your SMTP credentials are correct
    2. Also make sure that if you set your SMTP port as '465', choose 'SSL'. If you set your SMTP port as '587', choose 'TLS' in your brand settings.

    To see the full error message from sending emails via SMTP, visit the 'Define recipients' page (the page where you select lists to send campaigns to) with &display_errors appended at the end of the URL, then send a test email with the 'Test send this campaign' function. The full error message will show.


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