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Problem when saving HTML Templates or campaign
  • Hello,

    I installed Sendy on a simple web hosting on namecheap.
    I was able to install Sendy but I have a strange issue: when I copy / paste my code and save my template or a campaign, the template/campaign is not properly saved. The name is not showing and template is back to basic markup. I tried different template, some time very simple and always the same issue.

    If I leave the original html markup with just adding few 'Hello word' in h1 + p for example, I am able to save properly.
    I have tried to leave the most basic html headers to identify the problem but as soon as the code in a minimum "complex" this issue happen.

    I was not able to identify anything with the developper console, and I don't think I have access to the php logs on a basic hosting on namecheap.

    Anyone had that type of issue?

    Thanks !

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    Posts: 3,643Sendy support


    Your server may have mod_security turned on and it's falsely triggered when you're saving a complex template. Please contact your hosting support to turn off mod_security (entirely or just for your Sendy directory) to resolve this issue.

    This article explains how to turn off mod_security for a single directory.


    Best regards,

  • Hi Ben,

    Perfect it was indeed the problem, thanks for your help

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