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[MOD] API for reporting back how many clicks each link got in a campaign

edited November 2019 in Contributions

I needed an API to be able to report back how many clicks each link got in a campaign. I use it to be able to overlay the total number of clicks in a web view, to enable me to know what people are finding interesting, and what people aren't.

The GIST is here, and returns a JSON object that lists each link in turn, without the tracking code, for programmatic use. You need to know the label you set (which allows you to do this programmatically, since you can't easily look up the internal Sendy campaign ID).

I hereby release this as CC-0 and you're welcome to build on this work however you'd like. It works for me, though can't guarantee it'll always work for you.


  • Not a dev myself, but nice work, not sure how to install it, assume it talks to your 3rd party app?

  • Yes, it does. I share it here partially to keep this documentation somewhere (!), but also because other developers might like to use it.

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