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Multi-step automations
  • Vote Up0Vote Down TonyPHLTonyPHL
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    Hi Ben and everyone. I'm new to Sendy and so far have found it to be very intuitive, so thank you Ben.

    I am a travel and tour operator. We have been sending client emails in a haphazard way. Some come right from me, others we've been sending from Mailchimp. The whole thing has become a mess and too much work so I would like to automate it as much as possible. Our customer now flow is basically in two phases: pre-travel and post travel, and now we would like to add a third phase past client.

    Can someone who has created multi-step automations in Sendy please point me in the right direction so I can set up the following:

    Pre-travel dip starts once a client has made their first payment.

    1. Thank you email also sends the client some docs they need to fill-out scan and return to us.
    2. About 60 days before departure date we start sending a drip campaign of 6 emails to help the client prepare for travel and to answer the most frequently asked questions.
    3. on departure date the client moves into the post-travel drip campaign

    Post-travel starts the day after the client returns home

    1. A welcome back email asking for feedback
    2. Continuing reminder emails until the client actually provides the feedback
    3. Personal follow-up based on feedback (really only if there is a complaint)
    4. If there is no complaint occasional emails asking them to please leave 5 star review on Google Reviews or on Facebook Reviews
    5. Once the client leaves 5-star review client moves to ex-traveler list

    Once monthly typical newsletter

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down jackbauerjackbauer
    Posts: 16Sendy user

    In my opinion this has to be done with the Sendy API + Google Sheets and creating a list in Sendy for each purpose.

    You then need a Python program to go over the google sheet and add people to the corresponding list in Sendy via the API.

    Not difficult at all to do, but tedious.

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