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  • Ben July 2013
Changing an image using WYSIWYG
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    Posts: 4Sendy user

    Hi there,

    We are new to Sendy and so far loving the product! I have come across one thing i'd like to clarify (I may be doing it wrong) or suggest (if its not in place). When I create an image using the WYSIWYG editor if I decide I was to change an image after importing I cant just click on the image to change it, to me this would be a great feature, we are going to be using this for various campaigns and the main part that will change will be the image, seeing as templates are currently implemented it would be great to be able to click an image and change it (at the moment it pops up saying insert and image, but gives you form fields related to adding a link.


    Stefan Wright

    Customer Service Manager - SessionCam

    ServiceTick Ltd

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    Posts: 3,648Sendy support


    We are new to Sendy and so far loving the product!

    Thank you, I'm glad to hear.

    Sendy uses Redactor's WYSIWYG editor, hopefully they will release a version sometime in future that addresses your suggestion.

    Best regards,

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