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  • Ben April 2020
Populating custom fields via zapier
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    Hi there,

    I have a sendy list called Test List. In this list I created a custom field called plan-name. Here are the fields in the list:

    I've successfully connected this Sendy list to Zapier. However, I cannot get the custom fields in my Sendy list to appear in Zapier.


    As you can see, only the two default fields are shown.

    I have a feeling custom fields are not yet supported in the integration, but adding this would make Sendy a much more attractive tool to integrate with other services. In my case, I am sending plan-name from my webshop to properly segment users based on their purchases.

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    Custom fields aren't supported in Zapier at the moment.

    Alternatively, you can use Zapier's 'Webhooks' zap to do a POST to Sendy's 'subscribe' API. Doing so, you can pass in any of the supported parameters (eg. custom fields) into the API call.


    Best regards,

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