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Is anyone else seeing increased sending speed with PHP7.4?
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    Posts: 5Sendy user

    So I got several Sendy licenses, and was running them all on different Linode's. This week I decided to move everything to a single Linode and say "screw it to slow speeds" which decreased my spending from $450~ a month to $80 a month.

    Well, I wasn't watching myself and left everything default PHP7.4 for the move, nor did I increase any PHP settings (memory). Since sticking with PHP7.4 my sending speed as not only stabilized on all my installs, but it's actually increased.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

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    Posts: 3Sendy user

    Just coming across this, but I've been running it on PHP 7.4, and that version is 5-10% faster than 7.3 in my tests. Depending on the version you were running before, it may be a large speed boost (from PHP5.6 for example), or a smaller speed increase from PHP7.0.x-7.3.