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Tracking List Growth before Sendy
  • Hey guys. I searched for this before posting, but coulnd't find a topic that covered it yet.

    I love MailChimp but I hate over-paying. Since our lists are quite large now, I love running into Sendy, purchased it right away, installed it and now looking at the move-process.

    I noticed that the default CVS import only has 'name' and 'email'. Of course, custom fields can be added. That's great, but what I'd like to know is if I can merge over the other data that I like from MailChimp: - The date that the user signed up (to show list growth) - The user's IP address - etc.

    I can make a custom field for those of course, but would that show the list growth back in time from before I used Sendy?

    Yours faithfully,


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    Hi @TornadoTwins,

    In order to see your list growth on the chart, the timestamp column in subscribers table needs to be set. But there's no way to import your old timestamps via CSV.

    But if you have PHP programming knowledge, you may be able to modify the import-csv.php script (if you've setup a cron job to import CSVs) or the includes/subscribers/import-update.php script (if you're not using a cron job for CSV imports) to import the timestamp into the database.

    Another way would be to manually set the timestamp column in the subscribers table of your database to match your subscribers' original timestamp (depends on how large your list is, may be time consuming).

    Best regards,

  • Excellent, in that case I'll go straight through MySQL and pump it right into the table. Thanks for explaining!


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