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[DOCKER] Sendy available on

edited July 2020 in Contributions

Hi all,
I use docker for all my installations and recently created one for Send 4.1.0. You can find all the instructions, Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml, etc on


The docker image repository has a section to report Docker-specific issues. While I'll do my best to address them, please realize I have a full-time job and family. :-)

If you're interested in assisting with issues or extending this project, feel free to leave a comment with text [DOCKER-CONTRIBUTE] in body and your username.



  • I'm still getting used to Docker, but this looks great. :-)

  • Is this being actively maintained?

  • Hey BubbaJames,
    Using your Docker for Sendy was extremely helpful, especially combined with CapRover which takes care of the Nginx/SSL stuff on my AWS Lightsail container.
    Will you update your Docker image for people like me who are not bright enough to do so themselves?

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