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300 Multiple Choices
  • Has anyone come across the message below? I'm not sure how to fix this. It happens every time I go to a page.

    # Multiple Choices
    The document name you requested (/new-brand) could not be found on this server. However, we found documents with names similar to the one you requested.
    Available documents:
    /new-brand.php (common basename)
    Please consider informing the owner of the referring page about the broken link.
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    Posts: 3,758Sendy support


    Please ensure the .htaccess file in your Sendy directory is Sendy's original .htaccess file and it is not modified.

    You can download Sendy from to compare the .htaccess with the one in your Sendy directory.


    Best regards,

  • Not having the Sendy .htaccess file was the issue. Not sure why it didn't download when I upload the files. Thank you!

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