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Upgrade still showing old version number
  • Hi I have just upgraded Sendy from version Version 4.0.5 to

    I used filezilla to upload, following the upgrade instructions.

    In settings it still shows the old version number.

    I have logged in and out, repeated the file transfer making sure settings are set to overwrite without success.

    Is this a bug?


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    Posts: 3,772Sendy support


    If you uploaded the files to the correct directory, your Sendy installation will immediately be updated.

    To check if you uploaded Sendy to the correct directory, change the file name of index.php to something else, e.g. index2.php, then access https://your_sendy_installation_url in your browser and see if it loads. If it still loads your Sendy installation, then you’re uploading to the wrong directory.


    Best regards,

  • Ben, You are absolutely right, I transfered into the root and not public_html. Thanks for your help.

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