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Multi-field opt-in forms with Sendy integration?

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I'm looking for an easy to use WordPress plugin to create an opt-in form with a couple of extra fields in addition to 'Name' and 'Email'. I'm not having much joy finding one that integrates with Sendy that doesn't cost a large annual fee. Can anyone offer some recommendations please?

Many thanks


  • Why does this need to be a plugin? You can have Sendy generate the HTML for a subscribe form. If you drop this HTML into a WordPress widget (or directly into your theme if you know what you are doing) you should have exactly what you are looking for.

  • Thanks Dan, You're right, it doesn't' have to be a plugin. No problem putting the HTML into my theme but I'm not familiar with creating a form in Sendy. Would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction on how to do this please?

    Many thanks

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    In Sendy, find the subscriber list you want to create a form for, and ensure you have all of the fields you want already setup for that list.

    At the top right of your subscriber list page (near where you setup your custom fields for the list), you'll see a "Subscribe form" button. Then a modal box will appear and on the left side is the HTML code for your subscribe form.

  • Got it! Many thanks. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert in HTML to personalise the look of the form. Is there a work-around or just outsource it?

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    I am not sure what sort of workaround you are needing. There are no styles included, so the form should take whatever styles the WordPress theme already has for forms. However if you feel you need/want something custom, you'll want to then get a web developer involved.

  • By workaround, I meant styling which is why I initially asked about plugins that give you that functionality. I'll have a go at tweaking the HTML myself to personalise it but if that doesn't work or takes too long I'll outsource it to a web developer on fiverr or similar. Appreciate your help and advice.

  • I literally just learned how to style this form, happy to offer any insight, if youstill need this?

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