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how to increase pagination of lists on
  • I would like to increase the number of lists on a Sendy page, in the list section.

    I just found the place where the number of marks can be increased in settings.

    I would like to know, which .php file can I edit to increase the number of lists and campaigns displayed in sendy. Or if there are any settings I can make to change this.

    I used version 3 of sendy, I just updated, I work on an ultra wide monitor and it is very annoying to have to navigate to the next page of lists, when I have screen space to put all the lists I have.

    I would like sendy to list 50 campaigns and 50 lists on the same page!

    I await an answer. Thank you!

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    Edit the settings for each brand, then go to the 'Miscellaneous' section to change the number of items to show:


    To edit brand settings, click the 'pencil' icon button on the brand item:



    Best regards,

  • Thanks Ben!!!

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