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  • Ben October 2020
Custom processing per email?
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    I have a mailing list with a custom field for a user's birthdate. I'd like each outgoing email to have custom text based on that field. I could easily code up a database table with 366 rows and write some SQL to get the appropriate row based on the custom field. This would, in general, require that each email make a callback to some PHP that I could write.

    To test this out, I modified the function in Sendy that creates the individual email, and it works just fine - but, of course, modifying core code is a bad idea because it has to be put back in every update. Ain't nobody got time for that ;)

    What's the chance of Sendy making an API call before sending each email if given a URL? Call the URL, pass in variables, and expect back a string to be inserted into the outgoing mail?

    It took me about 2 hours to code this up, so it seems a pretty lightweight work item to get a powerful feature! (Did I convince anyone? :-))

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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Doing so will slow down the sending speed significantly when sending bulk emails to thousands of subscribers if each email require a call to an external URL though. So I'm not sure if this would be added as a core feature.

    Alternatively, populate the subscribers' custom field with their unique values before sending out your campaign. You can use custom field tags in your email so that the tags will be converted to the value stored in their custom field.

    For example if your custom field is named 'Transaction No', you can use [TransactionNo,fallback=] in your email. When your subscribers receive their emails, the tag will be converted into their respective custom field values stored in their record.


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