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Using Sendy as a Newsletter service à la MailChimp? Developpers?
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    I just got my copy of sendy and I am curious to know, whether anyone had success in developing a newsletter service (as Mailchimp or CampaignMonitor) around it? I am thinking about an all integrated setup where you'd let user sign-up, use their CC information etc?

    Does anyone have experience with this and where are the limitations?

    Also more than welcome to recommend some freelance Devs for this :)



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  • Vote Up0Vote Down bueckerbuecker
    Posts: 6Sendy user

    I was using mailchimp with a client until I decided that I wanted a piece of that $50 she was ending to Mailchimp every month.

    Sendy is already setup to charge via paypal integration. The most important differences between sendy and something like mailchimp is there are no templates and a few less statistics. Based on the costs to use Sendy (virtually zero direct costs and only time after the initial purchase) I can more than afford to purchase templates if I don't feel like creating my own.

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