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  • Ben October 2020
Using Custom Fields as Tags?
  • I'd love to have a Custom Field called "Tags" and be able to add more than one value to that field to help identify users.

    For instance, if we have a special promotion for our members of the list called "Legacy" and we want to tag them every time they engage with a promotion (for instance, trade email address for a free PDF), can we stack those values up in a single custom field? Something like this:

    Custom Field: Tags
    Value1 = freepdf1
    Value2 = freepdf2
    Value3 = freezoomcoaching1

    This way, when sending messages using segmenting, we can specify one or more of those values to filter our list by. Something like this:

    Send a campaign to ‘Legacy’ list members who have Tags ‘freepdf1’ AND ‘freezoomcoaching1’

    Can that be done? If so, how?

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    Posts: 3,804Sendy support


    You can update the subscriber’s custom field ’Tag’ programmatically using the subscribe API from your website or app.

    Then create segments in the list.

    When you send a campaign you can select the appropriate segment(s).


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