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  • Ben October 2020
Latest version not reflecting after updating files
  • I updated Sendy with the latest version. My dashboard is still showing the older version. To be sure I updated the correct code, I identified files that were not in the older version which are on the server. I refreshed the browsers. I am using EC2. Not sure, if I need to restart the servers.

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    Posts: 3,804Sendy support


    Please ensure you've uploaded the files to the correct directory.

    If you uploaded the files to the correct directory, your Sendy installation will immediately be updated.

    To check if you uploaded Sendy to the correct directory, change the file name of index.php to something else, e.g. index2.php, then access https://your_sendy_installation_url in your browser and see if it loads. If it still loads your Sendy installation, then you’re uploading to the wrong directory.

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