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  • Ben October 2020
Adding a new email to existing Drip Campaign
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    I have just added a drip campaign to one of my lists that already had a number of subscribers that had received just a "welcome" email. I know that new subscribers will now receive the drip campaign, but what happens with the existing subscribers? Will it trigger with them as soon as it is activated? Or do I need to do something else in order that they will start to receive it?

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    It depends on the timing you set the Drip campaign autoresponder to send. If the drip campaign email is set to send, for example, 10 days after signup, subscribers who subscribed less than 10 days ago will receive the email at the 10th day of their sign up date. Subscribers who had signed up more than 10 days ago will not receive your email. So it depends on your drip campaign timing.


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