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List cleaning tools suggestions?

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Hi, what process is everyone using to clean-up / verify there email database? I have an 8 year old database of customers we are finally starting to contact via an EDM and AMS just gave us a telling off for high bounce rates, we've only emailed 2% of it and don't want to waste it, I've looked at a few options for email verifying and they are expensive, interested in peoples thoughts on how they do it?


  • I hear you on this, I have an "old" list from a previous system and I've considered using it, but figure the same things will happened, the bounce / complain rates will go sky high and AWS SES will suspend my account.

    I considered bringing the list over in parts, but that will more than likely be the same as above, only slower. Perhaps manageable enough to NOT get shut down or suspended??

    I also looked at email list / address validation apps and the cost was way to high, IMO. I'd be curious to know as well what others have done to validate / clean their list(s)??

  • Hi @Michael_MH

    I personnaly use It works very well and price is quite good.


  • How exactly are you using debounce? I couldn't see Sendy as an integration. Ideally, it would be great to have automatic email validation on sign up. Is that what you have?

  • I do not check it on the fly and automatically, just from time to time with an import / export method. But deboune has an API so that's possible to do it on the fly with some custom developments.


  • Sendy automatically marks bounces, unsubscribes and spam. So why would you need to clean them up. After the first bounce/spam sendy never sends to them ever again. Other than the list is 8 years old. Have you used the Housekeeping feature to remove inactives and unconfirmed? Seems like you could use that a start. If the list has never been used in sendy you could use something like debounce or email-verify. OR clean it up in the old application. Not sure how many emails you are talking but if 2% of the list bounce is above 5% that list pretty old or bad. Seems like it wasn't well maintained in the last application.

  • You might look a
    its free. Not sure it will do what you need it to do.

  • I use debounce for on the fly. You can validate your entire list or use the real time widget to do it on your forms before they are able to submit. Both work great. Although full disclosure, debounce does miss some. So to make sure that I don't get AWS upset, I email everyone using SMTP first and then start using AWS. This gets rid of bounces, and any spam complaints.

  • Went with Debounce, thanks all works great and reasonable pricing

  • FYI, we have been developing a kickass service to clean and verify subscriber data -- not only emails, but also names. We are still in beta but you can view our progress at We have built a Wordpress plugin (not yet launched) and a Sendy addon is in our roadmap too. The platform service will be available later this year.

  • Are you going to be doing it like debounce so that it will verify BEFORE it is submitted for verification?

  • FYI, we just unveiled our platform at and I have a special 50% discount code for any Sendy user -- you buy credits and this code will get you 50% off any credits you purchase:

    We will do a few things:
    a) We run everything through the Bouncer API, so we will tel you what emails are good and what are bad
    b) We format your names and extract nicknames, so you can better personalize all your data in Sendy.
    c) You upload a CSV and then we give you a CSV of so much more useful data!

    The code is only valid for a short period of time! SO use this code "cleanmysendydata123" for 50% discount.

  • By the way, if you do use HubSpot, you can connect HubSpot directly to Transformania. MOre platforms and CRMs coming soon.

  • Transformania is now on Product Hunt. You get 50 free credits (50 credits allow you to check 50 contacts for bounce email and to format their data) plus a big discount code:

    This is a great way to clean all your Sendy data before you import it. Or if you already have a list, export it out as a CSV, rrun it on Transformania and then re-upload the clean CSV back to Sendy.

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