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How to verify "From" emails?
  • Hi there, this might sound like a "newbie" question, but I am pretty new to Sendy and I would like to know what is the best and easiest way to do it. I have my Sendy installation under 1 domain, however, I want to send emails FROM other emails.

    In Amazon SES, in order to send an email from a new email address, should I need to add just the email address or also verify the domain?

    I believe it is only adding the "Email Address" and clicking on "Verify a New Email Address".

    In that case, what would be the best way to receive that verification email, so that I can send emails from that email address?

    Let's say that I have just bought the domain on Namecheap and I need to be able to receive that verification email.


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    Your email account needs to be setup with your hosting provider in order to receive the verification email, or any emails for that matter. Once you receive the verification email, click the verification link and your email will be verified.

    Alternatively, verify the 'domain' with Amazon SES ?

    When you verify the domain, you don't have to very any 'From emails' associated with that domain.


    Best regards,

  • Ok, thanks Ben! Now I figured out how the "Domain verification" and "Email verification" works on Amazon SES. I was able to configure another sending domain properly.

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