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Cannot login (not installed fully?)
  • Hi, I have installed Sandy on g/o\l/d\f/r\a/ (take away the / & ) I have of course created a database and entered the details in the config file and done the full thing as told in the guide.

    Right after entering the details I clicked the button at the bottom to got ahead and I was prompted the login screen (no other screen in between). I cannot enter the dashboard with the email and password I have set - I can see the email has been added to the database and so has been the password (but it's hashed).

    After entering the login and password and clicking "Sign in" I can see a flash of the "Brands" button at the top right corner and then it takes me back instant to the login screen with no error message.

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    Hi @problematic,

    If you don't see an error message telling you that your login email and password is incorrect, your PHP's session.save_path is probably not correctly set.

    Contact your host to check if your PHP's session.save_path Is set correctly.

    Best regards,

  • Works just fine now, thanks ;-)

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