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Update subscriber email address via API?

edited December 2020 in Using Sendy


Is there a way for me to update a user's email address via API?

My developer looked in the documentation and said it's not possible. Instead, we would have to delete the user/email address and then add them with the new email address. The problem with this solution is that they're then added to the Autoresponder and start in the sequence all over again (which is frustrating).

If there's not a way to update an email address via API, is there a way to add a new user and not add them to the Autoresponder sequence?

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Hi,

    No you do not have to delete the subscriber first then add them.

    Just call the subscribe API and it will update any data you pass into the API call.

    Please read the highlighted portion of the screenshot below taken from the API docs:


    Best regards,

  • Thank you, Ben.

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