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[Gmail outage] High percentage of bounces from Gmail addresses

edited December 2020 in Troubleshooting

I received a lot of bounces from Gmail addresses in my previous campaign. Any suggestions?


  • BenBen
    edited December 2020


    It is because Gmail suffered a major outage on December 14 and 15. Hence, emails sent to Gmail addresses resulted in 'Bounces'. A lot of other users experienced the same issue, even on other email marketing apps and services, because of this major Gmail outage.

    To convert these bounced Gmail addresses into 'Active' statuses again, run the following MySQL query in your database via phpmyadmin or SSH:

    UPDATE subscribers SET bounced = 0 WHERE (timestamp > 1607947200 AND timestamp < 1608120000) AND email LIKE "" AND bounced = 1


    Best regards,

  • Thank you Ben, I really appreciated your prompt reply,


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