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Autoresponder email goes out but does not expand custom fields

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I have created a new list with 4 custom fields, one of them is called signupUrl and another one is called licenseCodeValue. I have added an autoresponder that sends immediately and contains one email message. The email message has a query string configured to be appended to every link.

The problem: The email message contains custom fields with the bracket notation, and Sendy sends it out but DOES NOT replace them by their values when I subscribe one user to the list, using the Sendy API.

Sendy displays the user correctly in the list, including the custom fields, by the way.


<a href="[webversion]">Read the web version.</a> works PERFECTLY OK. <a href="[signupUrl]">Sign up here.</a> DOES NOT WORK. <p>[licenseCodeValue]</p> also DOES NOT WORK, it remains as it is.

What happens is this: In the email, the link looks like a usual link that points to my Sendy server, like this:

When I do a curl -v on that link, I get an http 302 redirect response to this URL:

You see, the custom field has not been replaced by the value! I double checked that the user to which the email is sent, really has a valid signupURL and a valid licenseCodeValue.

What can I do? I am running Sendy version 5.1 on PHP/7.4.11.



  • BenBen
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    You're using the tags incorrectly.

    Incorrect usage:

    <a href="[signupUrl]">Sign up here.</a>

    Correct usage:

    <a href="[signupUrl,fallback=]">Sign up here.</a>

    The 'Custom fields' page shows the correct usage of custom fields as personalization tags:


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