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Export recipients who did not open your email

edited January 2021 in Using Sendy

Hi, I want to export the list of people who didn't open a campaign. I read in the forum that this option was added, and there's even an screenshot, but I can't find the option anymore. Was this option removed?


  • Hi,

    The 'Unopens' export option is only available in the very last campaign that was sent instead of in all campaigns in order not to skew the exported results. I suggest exporting unopens if you need to before sending the next campaign.

    If you want to send another campaign to ‘unopens’ only, alternatively, import subscribers who 'opened' your campaign into a new list from the campaign report:


    Then exclude this list when you send your campaign using the ‘Exclude list’ feature. Emails will be sent only to subscribers who didn't open.



    Best regards,

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