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Outlook and Hotmail emails automatically unsubscribing?

edited February 17 in Troubleshooting

I'm trying to start a new list and I started warming it up with my own emails. Problem is, immediately after sending to a test list, Sendy shows outlook and hotmail emails as "Unsubscribed". It's like those emails are automatically unsubscribing for some reason. Is that possible? This morning I added to outlook emails and both got unsubscribed. Here's a a screenshot of the problem:


  • Hi,

    As part of email marketing's best practice, Sendy includes a List-unsubscribe header in each email sent. This List-unsubscribe header contains the unsubscribe link unique for each recipient and is used by email clients to display a native 'Unsubscribe' link at the top of the message if they choose to. Gmail for example displays a native unsubscribe link at the top of an email they think is a newsletter:

    Example screenshot:  

    The unsubscribe link points to the unsubscribe URL found in the List-unsubscribe header.

    Some ISPs use this List-unsubscribe header data to automatically unsubscribe a user when they think the email is spam. For example corporate email servers are known to unsubscribe users with this data when they think the email is not important even before your email reaches the recipient. How email clients or ISPs use the List-unsubscribe header is out of anyone's control. 

    The solution is to set your list’s ‘Unsubscribe setting’ to ‘Double opt-out’ so that another confirmation link needs to be clicked by the recipient in the unsubscribe page before they are being unsubscribed from the list.



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