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Unsubscribe in more than one click to get past virus scanners
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    Posts: 1Sendy user

    When sending emails to large enterprise customers, many of them have added email/virus scanning that checks every link in the email for viruses and trojans. While this may make them secure, it also mass unsubscribes all their employees from our newsletters.

    Instead of automatically unsubscribing an email when the unsubscribe link is clicked, display a prompt for the user to unsubscribe with a confirmation button.

    Bonus feature but not as urgent, allow the user to see which lists they are on and pick which to unsubscribe from.

    Thanks for the great software, cheers! Dan

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  • Hey there Dan,

    You could accomplish this by putting your own unsubscribe links into the e-mails that you are sending out. Have the links go to a page you have defined and send their e-mail address along as a $_GET value in the URL. Once they arrive at your custom page, prompt them with a button to click, then use the sendy API to unsubscribe that user.

    Basically what you are asking is possible but would take some custom work on your side. Could help you out if interested.

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