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Session timeout

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We are serving this app using NGINX are a little frustrated by the very short session time which will log the user out and loose any unsaved changes in the Campaign edit form? I have seen some Apache fixes for this but not for NGINX. Anyone know how to extend the session time to 2 hours?

Appreciate your help.

Side note: As I was typing this I just saw a "Draft Saved at ..." pop up. That would be such an awesome feature for Sendy. Would stop me getting shouted at and improve quality of life for many :)


  • BenBen
    edited February 28


    The login cookie expires 1 year after your sign in. However if you quit your browser, either explicitly, or computer shutdown or restart, the cookie will be invalidated. Or, if you click the 'Log out' button of course.

    If you're frequently being logged out, try this →


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  • My session.cookie_lifetime = 0 which is set to expire when the browser closes. So that was not it. Our sessions were lasting about 20 mins.

    I changed the garbage collection to the following:

    # php.ini
    session.gc_divisor = 1000
    session.gc_maxlifetime = 7200

    The session.gc_maxlifetime was set to 1440 which is 24 minutes as a default. Now my sessions are lasting 2 hours and no one is shouting at me!

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