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Segments not changing when field values change?

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I am playing with segments trying to understand how they work, and I'm a little bit confused with the results.

I created a custom field called "status" and we have values like "verified", "unverified", "failed", etc. I created segments based on the value of the custom field, and it correctly segmented those emails as expected.

However, I then updated the values for the status in our CSV file and re-imported that file. It correctly updated the status value in Sendy as expected. However, the segments did not change. The same email addresses were on the same segments even though they are not included in that segment's query anymore.

Is this expected behavior with Sendy, or is this a bug?

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • BenBen
    edited March 2021


    If you didn't setup a cron job previously to automatically update segments periodically, you need to manually click the refresh button to update the segments you want:

    To setup cron jobs to automatically segments, visit any segment and you'll see the cron job setup instructions in a yellow box at the bottom:


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