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Add a way to include a DATE or TIMESTAM

edited October 2012 in Suggestions
I like to send people to my forms ( wufoo ) and use a hidden SOURCE field and I add the DATE...

now that I am using sendy, I have lost the ability to do that...

how about adding [[DATE]] and [[TIMESTAMP]]


how about a more generic solution like this

1) create a USER DEFINED CUSTOM VARIABLES page ( plain text or add your own PHP )

2) your create campaign page can cycle thru them to remind people of what they have made


  • @matt Do you know you can create custom fields and use it as input fields for your forms? Custom fields can be TEXT or DATE based.
  • Yeah... that can work and I will more than likely use that for the time being...


    I have to do it for each 'campaign'... I actually have a lot more to send than my current limit will allow so I keep 'duplicating' my campaign and I would need to remember to update that... and I send the same email at different times of the year as reminders to quite a large group ...


    the datestamp / time would help to track when people are doing what they are supposed to do... without me remembering that...

    keep at it ... you are doing great...

  • Thanks @matt

    That sounds like you could use the new Autoresponders.

    Create a date based custom field, then create a date based autoresponder to send emails to each individual subscriber when the date arrives or nears (you can set this down to the minute).
  • And by the way, if you want to send more than you currently have, request for extended access
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