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Setting up Custom Domains

Hi, we recently purchased the custom domain feature for 5 domains but we're having difficulty enabling it following the provided instructions.

Our Sendy installation is hosted on via GoDaddy.

When we try to use as a custom domain, I put in the CNAME record of Hostname: and Record: (GoDaddy has these as Host: and Points to: and TLL: 1 hour), but will not direct to as expected. I've tried setting up a redirect and several other fixes, but I'm at a loss of what to try next. Both sites are using WordPress, so is it possible the .htaccess file needs a rewrite rule added?


  • BenBen
    edited April 1


    You shouldn't add any 'redirects' or edit Sendy's .htaccess file.

    If you have done any of the above, please undo it.

    Then please see this troubleshooting tip →


    Best regards,

  • Ahhhh, awesome information Ben! We needed an Alias in cpanel, that's why it wasn't working for us. I must have read that exact link 10 times, but I was trying a Redirect instead of an Alias. Many thanks, we've got it working on all of our domains now!

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