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Setting up Custom Domains

Hi, we recently purchased the custom domain feature for 5 domains but we're having difficulty enabling it following the provided instructions.

Our Sendy installation is hosted on via GoDaddy.

When we try to use as a custom domain, I put in the CNAME record of Hostname: and Record: (GoDaddy has these as Host: and Points to: and TLL: 1 hour), but will not direct to as expected. I've tried setting up a redirect and several other fixes, but I'm at a loss of what to try next. Both sites are using WordPress, so is it possible the .htaccess file needs a rewrite rule added?


  • BenBen
    edited April 2021


    You shouldn't add any 'redirects' or edit Sendy's .htaccess file.

    If you have done any of the above, please undo it.

    Then please see this troubleshooting tip →


    Best regards,

  • Ahhhh, awesome information Ben! We needed an Alias in cpanel, that's why it wasn't working for us. I must have read that exact link 10 times, but I was trying a Redirect instead of an Alias. Many thanks, we've got it working on all of our domains now!

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