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Questions regarding new monthly campaign with drip and annual auto responders

Hi Ben & All,

I've a couple of questions regarding setting up a campaign that includes the drip and annual autoresponders. I've no doubt someone else has tried to implement something similar, so I'd be grateful to share in your experience of achieving it.


I'm creating a monthly specials newsletter list where each campaign will include a new discount code for 7.5% OFF. I wish to send an initial 15% discount in my first email autoresponder, in addition to an annual 15% discount code that will be sent prior to a special date that is provided upon signup.

Desired Implementation

  1. User Subscribes as normal by providing an email & name, in addition to a birthday field.
  2. Either using the Thank You email, or the first of a sequence of introductory Drip auto responders, the user will be provided with their one-off 15% discount code.
  3. Ideally, the user will then receive the current month's email campaign - regardless of whether the 1st of the month when the CRON sends to subscribers, has passed, and therefore has already been sent.
  4. User continues to receive usual monthly campaigns - easy.
  5. User receives their special Birthday discount code 1-month before their specified birthday - easy.


Clearly, steps #1, #4, & #5 are straight-forward. I only need clarification on 2 points that relate to steps #2 & #3.

RE: #2

In the event that a subscribed user unsubscribes then re-subscribes to this list using the same email address, how can I ensure that they DO NOT get the 15% discount email AGAIN? Is there a Sendy feature to address this scenario, or do I need to go down the road of storing this on my website also, in order that I can lookup their email to see if they've previously subscribed and received the 15% discount, then set a custom field to indicate that it's already been sent to segment the user such that they DO NOT get the initial email again?

RE: #3

Can this be achieved, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,


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