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PSA: Apple had email issues recently

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On Monday, every single one of my subscribers who used an iCloud/Mac/Me email address was bounced (and silently unsubscribed from my Sendy list).

Apple's email support team responded:

Your email was rejected due to a temporary issue that has now been resolved. Please resend your email and it should get through. We regret the inconvenience caused.

You probably suffered the same fate as I did, and you may find your subscriber list is down.

If it's useful (and you know how to do it) then you can fix those subscribers across your Sendy installation here:

UPDATEsubscribersSET bounced=0 WHERE (email LIKE '' OR email LIKE '' OR email LIKE '')


  • Thank you so much for the SQL statement here. Took me 6 months to realize this happened.

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