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Trigger Webhook -- how to select the last email in the autoresponder before firing the webhook

edited April 2021 in Using Sendy

Hey Ben,

I was excited to see your new Webhook trigger -- nice work!

I saw in another thread ( that you mentioned:

"You can select the last email in the sequence for that rule. So when that email is sent, it will run the webhook."

This is what I want to do -- post the webook when the last email of the autoresponder gets sent.

However, I can't find in the UI a way to actually select that last email. Here's what I'm seeing:

Any advice?

thanks man!



  • Hi,

    The webhook will send a bunch of data to your webhook script, including the subject of the email that was sent. Write an if / else statement to check if it is the email you want.


    Best regards,

  • thanks, makes sense!

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