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SNS Pending Verification for Bounces/Complaints

edited May 2021 in Troubleshooting

We have attempted to remove and re-add the SNS topics and subscriptions but have not had any success in verifying them. Firewall was modified to allow HTTPS traffic. Email and domain have been DKIM verified as well. We have recently completed the latest installation of Sendy to confirm we are up to date.

We believe there is a communication issue between SNS, SES, and Sendy but are not sure where. Any help would be appreciated!


  • BenBen
    edited May 2021


    Your Sendy installation cannot be inaccessible. Otherwise most functions with Sendy will not work, eg. opens and clicks tracking as well as bounces and complaints handling which is the issue in question.

    Please see →


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  • Thank you for the assistance, we were able to troubleshoot and found that the path was incorrect and now our SNS has verified with HTTP successfully.

    I did want to confirm that SNS did not need to verify across HTTPS as well as I'm not familiar with the requirements. We appreciate the guidance!

  • Disregard, we were able to confirm with HTTPS successfully. Thank you for you response!

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