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Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling EC2

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I am trying to setup Sendy to ELB and autoscale when I send a campaign so I can pay for a cheaper server when not sending campaigns but ramp up the group with autoscaling to spin up two or three more servers to handle the sending. I think I have it mostly working but was hoping someone that understands ELB and autoscaling on EC2 could help me understand better what is happening and what metrics I should be looking at to see if it's really working. My sending speeds seems to have increased with this new setup but the metrics on the new instances make it seem like they're not doing anything so I'm not sure what's going on.

And then (maybe this should have been my first question) is Sendy conducive to load balancing and autoscaling?




  • I've come to the conclusion that Load Balancing is not what I want, I really want to multithread sendy across multiple instances when I scale out, is that possible?

  • Interested in this setup/feature as well.

  • What I ended up doing instead is a bit more manual and has downtime but serves my purpose. I wrote python script to call the AWS API to resize my instance, I put on AWS Lambda to run and created an API URL for it and I set sendy to automatically call the api when a campaign finishes sending to return it to the smaller size. Right now to make it a larger instance it’s manual as I’m not sure how the web hook would be have if as it prepares to send it shuts down the instance, but I created an iOS post shortcut to call the API to scale up the instance.

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