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Campaign sent notification emails

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Sorry, I wasn't careful. I was fooled by the small number. 4 emails are sent instead of 2 but on the deleted addresses the email I sent does NOT arrive but the notification email of the campaign [Campaign sent]. OK 3 emails but why amazon tells me that I sent 4?

Many thanks


  • Hi,

    2 emails sent to the subscribers.

    The other 2 emails are the campaign sent notification emails, 1 sent to your main admin login email address and another 1 sent to the ‘From email’ of your campaign.

    If you don’t want campaign sent email notifications to be sent:

    Visit the ‘Rules’ section and delete the rule that sends an email notification when a campaign is sent:


    If you also don’t want an email notification to be sent to your main admin login email address, visit the brand settings and uncheck the box:



    Best regards,

  • Many thanks!

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