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Sendy Hooks - an easy way to integrate Wordpress and Sendy

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Please find the repository here:


Simply upload the files into your Wordpress plugin directory.


For a couple of years we've been integrating our clients' webapps with Sendy and developed in-house a plugin that easily hooks into the Wordpress. We're making this project public, so feel free to explore it. It currently offers a seamless integration via 3 routines and relies on the Sendy Api to send the data.


  1. Out of the box integration with User registration, WooCommerce purchases and Contact Form 7 submissions
  2. All settings are available in the Wordpress Admin interface (no need to manually edit config files
  3. The code is modular, making it easy to integrate other routines and plugins.

Donations, support involvement

Donate Support

Please let us know if you're interested in further development of the hooks or if you'd like to help.


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