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Welcome and thank you emails not being sent

edited June 2021 in Troubleshooting

Since yesterday Sendy is not sending any Welcome/ Thank you emails to new subscribers. However, it is recording their email id in the list.

I run it using Amazon SES, and did some troubleshooting myself -

First, I suspected AWS SES was not linked or broken but when I checked worked fine --> I have another plugin POST SMTP which uses the same AWS SES email. I tried sending a test email using that and it worked fine.

Second, I tried creating a new campaign on Sendy and tried SEND TEST MAIL option and it worked. I got the campaign email. So campaign emails are working.

Third, I went to Sendy dashboard and made sure this is checked --> "Send user a thank you email after they subscribe through the subscribe form or API?" It was already checked.

Then, when I went to my website ( and filled the subscribe form there, it didn't send me the thank you email. Then, I checked my Sendy dashboard and noticed that it had recorded my email id in the list but I didn't get the thank you email. I also tried with different systems and email id's but the problem persisted.

I use Hustle plugin to embed the Sendy subscribe form on my website. One sample page is --->

My server is on AWS EC2 with Ubuntu (also updated yesterday) and my web server is OpenLiteSpeed (also updated yesterday). Sendy runs as a virtual host on OpenLiteSpeed.

Things have been working great for the last two years and I am quite happy with Sendy. Kindly help me resolve this issue.


  • BenBen
    edited June 2021


    Please review the following pointers:

    1. Please ensure that you have moved out of Amazon SES 'Sandbox mode' by requesting Amazon to raise your ‘SES daily sending limits’ →
    2. Please check that you have verified your 'From email' or its domain in your Amazon SES console
    3. If you attempted to verify any emails or domains in your Amazon SES console and the status is 'failed' or 'pending confirmation', please either complete the verification or remove the 'failed' email or domain
    4. If you attempted to verify the sending domain's DKIM and it's in 'pending' or 'failed' status, please either complete the verification or do not verify DKIM at all
    5. Please ensure that you've set your Amazon SES region in your Sendy main settings correctly. Please refer to Amazon's email and see which 'region' you are granted your daily sending limit increase in, then set the correct 'Amazon SES region' in your Sendy's settings:


    Also, please check your 'Amazon SES Reputation Dashboard' to see if your account status is 'Healthy':



    Best regards,

  • Hi Ben

    I got this resolved...
    All the things mentioned in your email were in place, from email address, DKIM, ses region, ses reputation. All were set and healthy.

    The problem was that I was using a third party plugin to embed the form on my website. I removed it, and resorted to HTML/CSS. Embedded the code myself. Now it works.

    Thank you,

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