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Best way to set up multiple lists...

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I was wondering what would be the best way to set up multiple lists under one Brand. Currently, we have over 30 lists which get updated periodically. we have them all separated under lists and when we get a new list we just add to it. Should all the lists go under one master list with segments or is it best to go in individually?


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    Hi @FR_user,
    This really does depend on the purpose and audience of each list.

    The main 3 elements that to my mind, should differentiate whether you should merge lists together and segment them VS keeping lists separately, are:

    1. Consider, "who are the audience of each list?". If for instance you have a list for specific products or categories that are broadly mutually exclusive, then keeping those separate from each other would likely be best. E.G. For products were targeting Male/Female specifically, or even a different target age range, where you have no cross-interest.

    2. Custom Field data:
      Each list stores separate subscriber records, each with their own set of custom fields/data. So, if the custom data you wish to store about a subscriber is harmonised across 1 or more lists, that's a good indicator that merging said lists would probably be more appropriate and easier to manage. Conversely, if you've got lots of different data points between lists, it might be a better option to keep them separate.

    3. Each list has the ability to send an autoresponder (sequence of automatic emails). Whist its possible to customise which email gets sent according to rules, it could become very unwieldy if you've a lot of data points on which, to determine which email in the sequence to send.

    Much of this will depend on your specific needs of course, but I hope this is a good starting point for you, as you begin to rationalise your lists.

    Best wishes,


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