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No more preview or webversion

edited June 2021 in Troubleshooting

Since one of the last 5.x Version I didn't get any Preview before sending any more and there is a link for a generated Webversion, but no Webversion behind it. I still can send out Newsletter and they show in clients like expected, but I can't see them in the system, not even after sending them out. The Place where they should be are just blank.


  • Hi,

    Please ensure the .htaccess file in your Sendy directory is Sendy's original .htaccess file and it is not modified.

    You can download Sendy from to compare the .htaccess with the one in your Sendy directory.

    Best regards,

  • Well, I don't know, what happened, so it was lost, but thanxs for the quick help - it worked.

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