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Is there a way to export/create a report showing the number of opens by recipient for each campaign?

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We are able to click on each campaign recipient to see the number of opens associated with his or her email address.

But we really need a report that shows the number of opens for each campaign recipient, so that we can identify those with high volume opens (without going through the list one by one).

Is there a way to export that information, or to create a report to generate that information in a csv or excel file?

PLEASE let me know!


  • Hi,

    You can export a CSV of everyone who opened the campaign from the campaign report:


    In the CSV, there's a column called 'Opens' showing the number of times each subscriber opened your email:



    Best regards,

  • Hi Ben. Can you please clarify what the # of opens in Sendy reports shows? Is it the number of times the email was opened, regardless of IP address (assuming images are turned on)? Or is it the number of unique opens (by different IP addresses)? If Sendy isn't reporting on the # of unique IP addresses that are opening emails, is there a way to get that information? Please advise. Thanks!

  • Each record in the CSV shows data for each individual subscriber.

    Each subscriber opened your email X number of times. That's what it's showing.

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