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Custom Domain location problem

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I am adding a couple of custom domains and having issues. I have followed all the advice on the troubleshooting page but still no joy.

I have Sendy located at and I have set the CNAME for (the custom domain) to newsletter | CNAME | the test login should show at but doesn't.

All I have is - [404 error] If you're seeing this error after install, check this FAQ for the fix: I have followed the advice there and set AllowOverride All and rebooted Apache.

Also noticed that if I try is shows the root of the server rather than showing the same as

I'm going around in circles here, any help would be superb. Thank you!!!


  • Did you setup anything else other than the CNAME record? Did you setup any vhost in your httpd.conf or configure anything else?

  • Hi Ben,

    I set the AllowOverride All in the httpd but nothing else. No <VirtualHost> set either

  • Hi,

    I see that you've installed Sendy on, but the SSL certificate is invalid:

    Can you please fix the SSL certificate first.

    Best regards,

  • And since you have changed your Sendy install to, you should point the CNAME record for to instead of just

  • I've having real issues with the sub domain of so it's probably best I stick with the original directory instead. This has a certificate.

  • So I have reverted the dns records back to

  • Hi,

    Please turn off 'Cloudfare Proxy' (turn off the orange cloud icon) for your CNAME record in your Cloudfare account.

    Example screenshot:


    In my experience, Cloudfare causes lots of unforeseen and peculiar issues for Sendy and other web applications in general.


    Best regards,

  • It's just the domain going through Cloudflare. I only added it due to issues with my normal SSL - The domain goes through DNS settings and the main domain goes to Vercel and I set up a CNAME for to go to

  • Ahhh just saw the bit for so turned off the proxy for that

  • I'm very confused. Is your Sendy on or

  • Ok, I've been trying to fix things inbetween our messages. originally Sendy was at this was acting weird so I thought a subdomain of would be better. That made things worse. After messing around and changing VPS and Control Panel as Vesta wouldn't handle the SSL correctly I'm now at this stage...

    My VPS root domain is and I originally though about hosting Sendy here but it has to be with the domain Where I can log in, it's all SSL and fine. Literally the only problem is the custom domains.

    newsletter CNAME 300 still directs to the root domain of the server rather than and still seems to have problems with the SSL

  • Also Sendy is at now. No sub domain or directory. Thought this would simplify everything

  • Ok, maybe a quick resolve. Can I change the domain of the installation registered to my license?

  • Sorry to pester you. I seem to have it redirecting now ok, just having a problem for each domain name and the SSL certificate. secure (where Sendy is located) secure hosted on Vercel NOT secure Vercel CNAME redirect to Sendy


  • NOT secure Vercel CNAME redirect to Sendy

    If you want to use 'https' for, you'd need to install an SSL certificate for on the server that is hosting

  • I have used Certbot to add the SSL certs into the directory where Sendy is installed home/admin/www/ on the server. Hopefully this is the last stretch of this marathon lol.

    Thank you!!! You have been amazing, please let me know if there is anyway I can repay your knowledge, patience and kindness, even in reviews.

  • SulSul
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    IT WORKS!!! I swear I could hug you right now!!! Thank you!!!!! 🙌

  • BenBen
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    Great to hear that! 😊

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